Have you already watched the last episode of Inspector Montalbano?

Inspector Montalbano is definitely one of the most famous fictional characters in Italy, created by Andrea Camilleri. Thanks to the masterful TV serie directed by Alberto Sironi, Montalbano became incredibly popular in Italy and abroad.

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As Camilleri and Sironi sadly passed away, Luca Zingaretti, who acts the part of Salvo Montalbano since the beginning, directed the last episode, “Il metodo Catalanotti“, broadcasted in Italy on 8th March 2021.

As usual, it was a great success: millions of people watched the beloved inspector, whose story is coming to an end.

Inspector Montalbano reaches his turning point and surprisingly finds out to be ready for it.

What is this episode about?

Il metodo Catalanotti” is particularly important for a change in Montalbano’s life.

As usual, the Inspector and his team work to solve a crime: he investigates the murder of a man stabbed to death, which seems to be related to exploitation.

Going deeper into the man’s life, Montalbano finds out a completely different motive and unfastens all the knots of the story.

During his investigation, Salvo meets a young colleague, Greta, who makes him reconsider his whole life: all his points of reference, such as the bond with his beautiful land and his relationship with Lidia, waver for the first time.

This is the news: he brings into questions all the main pillars of his life and is open to move in an unforeseen direction.

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Waiting for another episode?

Apparently there won’t be new episodes in the future, so “Il metodo Catalanotti” seems to be the end of this TV serie, even though Camilleri wrote the final book, “Riccardino“, published posthumously.

However, we do hope in another amazing movie soon!

In the meantime, enjoy Inspector Montalbano on BBC!


  • Dario Lusty

    What a disappointment! Montalbano who always pursued his professional investigations with the utmost integrity, despite being dissuaded and mislead by a bevy of dragon ladies in the past, is suddenly become a sort of sexual predator, more interested in bedding a beautiful forensics investigator than in solving an apparent murder. In this case he abandons professional ethics, alienates his associates, dumps his 20-year girlfriend without offering any explanation, and in turn is dumped by the forensics specialist. This is the most Un-Montalbano episode, and the most disjointed, with several unexplained scene breaks, leaving the viewer wonder why the director didn’t even notice them or care to proof the production before it’s release. A sad conclusion to a magnificent series.

  • Paolo La Gamma

    Actually one more episode should be released in future:)