Introducing yourself in Italian is one of the first very useful things you will learn.

If you learn Italian at Happy Languages, introducing yourself in Italian is something you will practise a lot.

At the beginning of the Beginner 1 course you will learn everything you need to ask and give basic information.

For example, saying your name, age and where you are from… Introducing yourself in Italian is definitely a good start!

Instead of reading the essential phrases in a book without a guideline for pronunciation, watching a video is much better!

You can listen to the correct pronunciation and repeat after it to get more confidence.

Let’s have a look at this nice video tutorial!



And these are the most important phrases to have a look at!

Ciao! Io sono Eugenia –> Hi! My name is Eugenia

Io ho 29 anni –> I am 29 years old

Ciao! Come stai! –> Hi! How are you?

Bene, grazie! –> Fine, thanks!

We always say “Fine”. we never say that we are in a bad mood.

Di dove sei? –> Where are you from?

Io sono italiana –> I am from Italy

I say “italiana” because I’m a girl, if I were a boy I’d say “italiano“.

At the end, to say “goodbye” we say again:

Ciao! Ci vediamo presto.


Now you are ready to start a lovely conversation and to move to the next step.

If you enjoy video tutorials, check our Youtube Channel to watch more!