Five stunning islands surrounded by an incredible blue sea: the Isole Tremiti, also called “the pearls of the Adriatic sea“, are a small archipelago in Puglia, Southern Italy, situated North of the Gargano Peninsula.

Used as a destination for political prisoners who were exiled to these islands in the past, nowadays the Isole Tremiti are an important attraction for tourists who love the wild nature and uncontaminated water of this marine protected area.

Let’s go through all of them!

San Domino. It is the biggest and most important island of the archipelago from a naturalistic point of view: fully covered by the mediterranean scrub, it also offers amazing caves and rocks to discover by boat, for example the Grotta del Bue Marino, which is the deepest cave and the Grotta delle Viole, so called for the colour of the purple seaweeds that cover it. If you want to enjoy some beach life, on the island you can find one sand beach behind the port and many little bays to relax and sunbathe. Also, do not miss the Pineta di San Domino, an evocative pine forest which is the starting point of some great paths that allow you to walk through the whole island enjoying hidden corners and gorgeous landscapes.

San Nicola. A sort of open air museum: this is the best definition for the historic and religious centre of the archipelago, where you can visit the Abbazia di S.Maria a Mare, the biggest abbey on the Mediterranean Sea. Its origins are lost in the legend, but it is commonly believed that was founded by the Benedictine monks in the XI century. Despite the turbulent vicissitudes it went through (it was a safe shelter during the Turkish invasions in 1567 and, later, against the British fleet) the interiors are intact since the Benedictine: for example, here you can visit the cloister with the original well used by the monks.

Cretaccio, Caprara and Pianosa. These three islands are completely uninhabited but still fascinate tourists for the beauty of their surroundings and the fabulous seabeds to discover during guided excursions. Whilst Caprara and Cretaccio are reachable by boat, disembarking on Pianosa is strictly forbidden but diving is permitted and it is definitely one of the most exciting experiences you can do in this area!

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