Have you ever heard of Isole Egadi in Italy?

The Isole Egadi (Egadi Islands) are a small archipelago made of 3 islands and 2 islets in front of the North-Western coast of Sicily.

They are only a few miles away from Trapani, where you can easily take a ferry to reach this paradise and spend a relaxing holiday.

Particularly recommended for sea lovers, these little islands are surrounded by a breathtaking crystal clear water.

Curious about the 3 main islands?

Favignana is the biggest island of the archipelago and is called “la grande farfalla sul mare” (the big butterfly on the sea) because of its shape.

It offers amazing beaches and caves to discover, inlets perfect to do snorkeling and rocky cliffs to dive into the blue sea.

If you want to do a boat tour, don’t miss the evocative Grotta dei Sospiri and if you like scuba diving you will be spoilt for choice!

Interested in the local history? You can visit the museum of the ex-Stabilimento Florio, with evidence from different historic periods, Palazzo Florio and several archaeological sites.

Don’t miss the the tuff mines: they are real natural art works!

Isola di Levanzo

Levanzo is the smallest of the three islands and is famous for two spectacular bays: Cala Fredda and Cala Minnola.

Scuba diving lovers will be delighted by a spectacular underwater archaeological itinerary: a Roman wreck and a number of amphoras and other objects that date back to the 1st century B.C.

Visit the Grotta del Genovese, an ancient cave decorated with beautiful graffiti and paintings.

Last but not least, Marettimo is the most mountainous and wild island, very famous for its marine caves, for example the Grotta del Tuono o del Presepe, with its stalactites and stalagmites.

Also, there are incredible little bays reachable only by boat where you can relax and enjoy the fantastic sea.

A must see is the Norman Castle, recently refurbished, from which you can enjoy an unforgettable view over the island.

So plan your lovely tour of these islands and enjoy!

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