Have you ever been to the Italian Bookshop in London?

If you are a language lover, you have probably been to the Italian Bookshop many times: a cosy little bookshop in Gloucester Road where you can find a great selection of Italian books. Located in the European Bookshop, you will find it as part of a wider project which includes other foreign languages sections: the main are German, Spanish, Russian, French, Portuguese, but you can also find other languages.

What will you find at the Italian Bookshop?

Whatever you are looking for, it’s worth going to the bookshop to browse through the shelves: Italian fiction and non-fiction, poetry, classics, but also children’s books, dictionaries and many textbooks for Italian learners at all levels. On top of that, if you are an Italian teacher you can get books about language teaching and methodology.

The bookseller will be happy to give you advice and help you choose the best books and if you can’t go to the shop, buy what you want online and you will receive everything straight to your door!

The bookshops also organises cultural events, meetings with Italian authors, books presentations…nice occasions to practise the Italian language and enjoy some time with nice people that share your interests for the language and culture.

our deal with the Italian Bookshop in London

What is our deal about?

If you study at Happy Languages and hold our member card you can get 10% off! A nice way to save some money on your books and discover this lovely bookshop. You can enjoy reading more in Italian and find exactly what you need to improve.

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