Watching some good Italian Cinema is always a good idea.

Watching a movie in Italian is a great way to improve your language skills and learn more about the Italian culture and society.

For all those who love the Italian Cinema, you can enjoy some great movies at Cinema Italia UK.

They offer two screenings per month at Regent Street Cinema and at Genesis Cinema with English subtitles.

Also, for some popular movies they offer a little talk with Italian actors and directors to learn more about the movie and learn some curiosities.

This is a great way to immerse yourself in the Italian cinema and do a new experience!

So what’s on?

On January 28th there is a movie you can’t miss out!

“Quanto Basta” (As Much As Necessary) is an Italian comedy directed by Francesco Falaschi and interpreted by Vinicio Marchioni and Valeria Solarino.

It is about Arturo, a talented chef who lost his popularity due to his aggressive personality.

Having taken part in a brawl, Arturo has to serve his sentence: he teaches cookery to young adults with special needs in an autism centre.

There he meets Guido, a boy who has Asperger’s Syndrome and is very passionate for cooking.

At first, their relationship is quite complicated: Arturo treats Guido without any pietism, arguing with him a lot and making many mistakes with him.

After that difficult start, Arturo ends up preparing Guido for a culinary competition.

This experience makes Arturo change as a professional and as a man.

Curious to know what happens?

Get a ticket and spend a lovely night at Regent Street Cinema!

The movie will be introduced by Ilona Roth, Senior Lecturer in Psychology from The Open University.

You won’t regret it, it will be a very interesting experience!

And if you have never enough of Italian cinema, join our Italian Film Forum on the 1st March.