Looking for more information about how to apply for the Italian citizenship?

Applying for the Italian citizenship is quite a complex procedure as it includes many steps to take and documents to be handed in at the right time.

First of all, there are different paths to take depending on the specific situation: some people apply by marriage or civil partnership, other by birth right. These are the two main situations that we will take into consideration in this article, however are not the only possible paths: for more information you can have a look at the website of the Italian Consulate in London.

What happens when applying by marriage or civil partnership?

Three years after marriage or civil union with an Italian citizen, it is possible to apply for the citizenship. In case of minor children born or adopted by both spouses, this time is reduced to one year and a half.

The documents required for the application are: original full birth certificate, original criminal record issued no more than 6 months before application date (of the country of origin, of any third country of residence and of any country where the applicant is a citizen), payment receipt to the Ministero del’Interno (250€), identity document, UK residence permit, copy of full marriage certificate or extract of marriage certificate, certificate of Italian language knowledge (at least at B1 level).

For the legislation and procedure, have a look here.

What is a certificate of Italian language for foreigners?

As stated above, those who apply by marriage or civil union need to get a recognised certificate of Italian as a foreign language at B1 level (or higher). In Italy there are four valid certificates: read our useful article about how to take the Italian B1 level certificate for citizenship to get all the information you need!

Happy Languages is CILS centre: we prepare students who want to take the CILS certification (internationally recognised certification of Italian as a foreign language released by the University for Foreigners if Siena). If you want you can have a look at our blog to know more about the CILS B1 Cittadinanza.

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Applications by birth right: things to know.

If you apply by birth right, there are some differences for British citizens (since birth) and non British citizens.

British citizens born in the UK who descend from an Italian national have to prepare the following documents: application form completed and unsigned, full birth certificate apostilled by “The legalisation office”, birth certificate of the last person of his/her family born in Italy (issued by the Italian Municipality), birth, marriage and deaths certificates of all the descendants (applicant included) apostilled by “The legalisation office”, a declaration about the naturalisation in the UK of father/mother, identity document, proof of address, payment of consular fee (300€).

For more information follow this link.


Non-British citizens need to submit these documents: application form completed and unsigned, original birth, marriage and death certificate for the last ancestor born in Italy, birth, marriage and death certificates of all the descendants of the Italian person born in Italy in the line leading to the applicant, declaration of the local authorities in the country of residence of the last person born in Italy about naturalisation, original passport of the applicant, proof of address, payment of consular fee (300€).

Here you can read more about all the documents and requirements.

Be careful! If the ancestor naturalised before the next descendant was born, the applicant is not eligible for Italian citizenship. Also, if any descendant renounced the Italian citizenship before the following descendant was born, the applicant does not qualify for Italian citizenship!


Good luck!