Do you want to start learning Italian and browse through Italian classes for beginners in London?

Learning a new language has to be effective as well as interesting and fun: the goal is reaching the expected level of autonomy to communicate with native speakers through an enjoyable path in a relaxing and nice atmosphere.

Well, this is exactly what Happy Languages offers you!

Take your time to have a look at its features!

What you learn. Our Beginner Course gives you the basic language competences to lay the first brick while enjoying the classes: in our classes you will start from scratch and go through daily communicative situations in order to manage them speaking Italian.

Contents. You will start from greetings, numbers and all the expressions needed to introduce yourself, then you will continue studying the Present Tense of regular and irregular verbs, nouns, Indefinite and Definite articles always as useful elements to communicate in real situations. You will also go through all the vocabulary and phrases to book a room in a hotel and order in a bar, which will be extremely useful!

Location. Our venue is absolutely amazing: a comfortable space where you can grab a drink before your class and socialize with other students in a very chilled-out atmosphere.

CILS Centre. As we are CILS centre (CILS is the Certification of Italian as a Foreign Language) recognised by the University for Foreigners of Siena, students have the opportunity to prepare their CILS exam to attest their level of competence in Italian. The beginner course might be the first step to move towards the certification!

DITALS Centre. Happy Languages is also DITALS centre (DITALS is the Certification to Teach Italian as a Foreign Language released by the University for Foreigners of Siena) which means that our teachers are highly qualified and constantly trained in order to reach and keep the best standard.

Conversation Class. While studying at Happy Languages you have the opportunity to take a lovely conversation class which is held once per month: it is the perfect chance to practice what you are learning and immerse completely in an hour of pure conversation!