Taking Italian classes in London at Happy Languages?

Our Italian Classes in London are carefully planned to offer the best learning experience to our students.

And we believe that having fun is essential while learning!

A good practice is trying to do even the most traditional things in a different way.

This is very important to put into practice strategies that we want our students to acquire without forcing them too hard.

That’s particularly true when it comes to listening!

Either if you like listening activities or not, they are always quite challenging.

Last week in our Italian Intermediate 1 course we did a listening activity…in movement!

In the previous lesson we had talked about Yin and Yang.

So last week we listened to a radio interview about Yin and Yang food.

What did we do exactly?

The aim of the activity was to choose the information given by the interview among 6 information.

The teacher attached one information sheet for each student on the wall.

At the beginning of the activity, they stood up, looked for their sheet and had 3 minutes to read it through.

Then they went back to their seat and listened to the interview.

After that, they had 3 minutes to go back to the sheet and start answering.

Back to their seat again, the students listened for the second and last time.

At the end, they took their sheet from the wall and could complete their answers in 2 minutes.

Finally, they compared their answers in couples and then we discussed their choices all together.

Why was the activity good?

Students focused on the track and listened carefully, without being distracted by the written text.

At the end, all of them gave the right answers, well done!

What are the possible risks?

Not all the students like moving around the room at they might be a bit reluctant at the beginning.

However, most of the time this depends on the fact that they are not used to games and other fun activities.

After some similar activities they should feel more confident!