Do you want to discover our Italian classes in London from January?

After the Christmas break, our Italian classes in London will restart from the last week of January.

If you are in trouble with the level and you don’t know which course is best for you, contact us!

We will be happy to have a chat and give you advice.

Have you studied Italian for around 30 hours?

The course for you is the Beginner 3 then!

It will start from the 29th January and last for 10 weeks.

This is the last course of the Beginner level (A1 accordingly to the CEFR, Common European Framework of Reference for languages).

Therefore you will complete the A1 level and get ready for A2!

Let’s see what you will study!

As for the other courses, all the topics are strictly related to the everyday life.

It means that everything you will learn will be useful to accomplish your goals in everyday communication.

In the Beginner 3 course you will learn how to go to the supermarket and express your tastes and preferences.

You will also talk about products, compare food habits and ask for a recipe you like.

In order to do that, you will study quantities, partitives, direct pronouns and the impersonal structure.

Moving on, you will go through reflexive verbs, some time adverbs and some expressions with “fare“.

All these topics will be essential to talk about your typical day, your habits and the Italian festivities.

And then you will also study possessives, relative superlative and the Passato Prossimo of reflexive verbs.

You will practice these topics talking about your family, describing pictures and talking about weddings!

So much to learn!

Your teacher will motivate you and choose nice and fun activities to make you enjoy the course even more.

You will often work with other students, in couples and groups and this will be very helpful to understand more.

Don’t wait any longer, reserve your place for January!