Curious about our Italian classes in London at Intermediate level?

Our Italian classes in London are restarting from the last week of January 2020.

As usual, we offer all the different levels of competence: depending on your previous studies and the general level reached, you can pick the course that suits you the best.

At Happy Languages, each level is split in 3 courses: if you are not sure about which course is the one perfect for you, call us and we will help you choose!

Let’s see more about the Intermediate 2 course!

If you have studied Italian for about 105 hours, that’s the course for you.

It will start from the 29th January and take place once per week for 10 weeks, from 7pm to 8.30pm.

In the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR), the Intermediate level corresponds to the B1.

After the first course at this level, the Intermediate 2 will start with a revision of the main topics studied.

For example, you will refresh the Congiuntivo Presente and use it in various contexts.

Then you will move to the following topics, such as the Passato Remoto, mostly used in written language and essential to be able to read books and newspapers.

Another important tense will be the Congiuntivo Passato.

The Congiuntivo will be one of the main focus of the course: studying when it is required and practising it will help you a lot.

Also, you will go through all the Relative Pronouns and work on how to use them correctly.

What will you talk about?

Being a B1 course, all the topics will be very interesting and often taken from newspapers and current affairs.

This will make the course even more engaging as you will express your opinion on a number of contemporary issues and situations.

Amazing, isnt’ it!

That’s the perfect way to start the new year!