Where can you find Italian classes with minimum fee?

If you would like to take Italian classes with minimum fee, at Happy Languages you will find what you need.

Apart from offering courses at very competitive prices, there is more you should know!

Have you heard about our member card?

If you get it, you can have amazing discounts in Italian bars, restaurants, shops and other businesses around London. We have really good deals with some great places: you can have either a great discount or something for free.

After your classes, there is nothing better than going to a restaurant where you can eat something good and practice your Italian. Food is an essential part of the Italian culture and in London it is possible to have an authentic experience, tasting the best Italian specialties and buying top quality products.

And when you meet Italian staff in the bar or restaurant, you can also speak Italian. This make the experience even more real!

Mister Lasagna is one of those cosy Italian places where this happens!

This is definitely the right opportunity to take!

Mister Lasagna is a lovely restaurant where you have a huge variety of lasagna to try: it’s called “lasagneria” because it offers 21 different types of lasagna made with lovely ingredients.

From the most traditional one to the oddest, you will taste something really authentic, similar to what Italians cook at home. And you can end your meal with a good Italian coffee.

If you show your Happy Languages Member Card, you can get 10%off your meal!

Mister Lasagna is great not only to taste many different types of lasagna, but also to immerse yourself in a real Italian place. Once there, you can order your lovely dish in Italian and have a nice chat.

You will meet other Italians having a delicious lasagna as well, so it is a perfect place to go!

And if you want to have a look at more deals follow this link.