Looking for Italian courses in London by experts for A Level?

At Happy Languages we do offer Italian courses in London by experts for A Level preparation.

The A Level preparation is perfect to be carried out through one to one lessons specifically tailored on your needs.

A one to one course focused on the exam is the best way to get ready and pass it with great marks.

How is the A Level Italian exam structured?

The Edexcel exam consists of three papers.

Paper 1 lasts 2 hours and includes Listening, Reading and Translation into English.

In the Listening section, candidates listen to a conversation in Italian and answer comprehension questions.

In the Reading section, they read different text types and genres and respond to comprehension questions.

In the Translation section, candidates translate a text from Italian into English.

The whole Paper must be completed without using a dictionary or other resources.

Paper 2 lasts 2 hours and 40 minutes and includes Translation and two Essays.

The Translation section is a translation from Italian into English.

Then candidates write two Essays about literary works or one about a literary work and one about a movie (chosen from a list): they answer one questions from a choice of two for each book/movie.

Candidates can’t use dictionaries or any documentation.

Paper 3 consists of 3 Speaking tasks and lasts 21-23 minutes, including 5 minutes of preparation.

Task 1 is a discussion on a theme chosen between two options.

Task 2, Part 1 is the presentation of their personal research.

Task 2, Part 2 is a discussion on the presentation. Candidates answer some questions about the research.

What are the main topics to go through?

Paper 1 and 3 are based on four topics: changes in the Italian society, artistic and political culture in Italy, the society’s evolution in Italy, Italian history from fascism until today.

How will you prepare your A Level Italian?

Your teacher will plan your one to one course depending on your needs.

You will work on every single section of the exam practicing with sample papers and discussing them with the tutor.

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