Taking Italian courses in London by experts?

In summer Italian courses in London by experts are focused on some useful holidays vocabulary.

As you might have noticed, sometimes the simplest words are the most difficult if we have never come across them.

And travelling to Italy is always a great challenge!

We are pretty sure that many of you will head to a lovely Italian destination to spend your holidays.

If you are going to Italy this summer, you will definitely need to know all the necessary things to go to the beach in Italian.

So you will be able either to go to a shop to buy something you need or talk to the lifeguard on the beach.

This is always an important goal to reach: speaking fluently with the locals and manage every daily situation that occurs.

Have you already learnt some words?

If not, don’t worry!

We will go through the most important ones to memorise.

This will help you feel more confident and speak more Italian!

Let’s see some useful vocabulary!

ombrellone –> beach umbrella

infradito –> flip flops

sedia a sdraio –> beach chair

lettino –> beach lounger

palla –> ball

telo mare –> beach towel

crema solare –> solar cream

occhiali da sole –> sunglasses

costume da bagno –> swimsuit

racchettoni –> matkot

cappello –> hat

barca –> boat

There are also some useful verbs to use!

fare il bagno –> to bathe

nuotare –> to swim

prendere il sole –> to sunbathe

abbronzarsi –> to tan

scottarsi –> to burn

fare una passeggiata –> to take a walk

andare in bicicletta –> to cycle

These are definitely the most useful things to know!

Once in Italy you will be able to add other words and expand your vocabulary even more.

Do you want to study more in preparation for your Italian summer?

Go through our online resources and lovely video tutorials to practice!

Italian Beach Words