Our Italian courses in London are about to start!

Next week we will be back with our Italian courses in London at all levels.

If you are looking for evening courses, browsing through our offer you will definitely find what you want.

Either if you are a completely beginner or an advanced learner, we will be able to offer amazing classes!

If you don’t know which course is best for you, just contact us and we will be able to help.

A quick chat with a native teacher will be enough to understand your level of competence and suggest you the right course.

The Upper Intermediate 2 course: who is it for?

If you have studied Italian for about 150 hours, it should be good for you.

As you can understand from the amount of hours, this course is for experienced learners.

In the CEFR, this course corresponds to the second part of the B2 level.

Main contents.

During the course you will talk about interesting topics and go through some Italian current affairs issues.

Reading articles and listening to radio programmes will help you improve your skills and boost your confidence.

In terms of grammar, you will start studying the Congiuntivo Trapassato and focusing on the Periodo Ipotetico dell’Irrealtà.

You will practise some important connectives and see which tenses to use with each.

Another tricky topic are the particles ci and ne and the Nomi Alterati.

You will also work on Indefiniti and some adverbs.

A dense syllabus which will enrich your knowledge and make you expand your vocabulary a lot.

Even though it looks quite complex, you will enjoy every single lesson: group activities, games and a lot of conversation will be really nice!

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