Wondering when are our next Italian courses in London?

Get ready, our new Italian courses in London will start in January!

We have a wide choice of levels and we will be happy to help you if you are not sure about which course is best for you.

If you contact us in advance, we will be able to give you advice about that!

Have you attended a Beginner 1 course?

If you have studied Italian for around 15 hours, our Beginner 2 course is the perfect continuation.

It will start from the 30th January and last for 10 weeks, 1 hour and a half per week.

The course will take place in our lovely venue, at David Game College, just a couple of minutes walking from Aldgate Station.

What contents will be covered?

The course will be focused on very useful topics, necessary to be independent when you go to Italy.

First of all you will learn how to book a room in a hotel and discuss potential problems related to your room.

In order to do that you will go through “c’è” and “ci sono”, some useful verbs, prepositions, months and all the necessary vocabulary.

Then you will describe cities and study how to ask for directions and ask specific information.

So you will go through the verb “andare”, the agreement between noun and adjective, the verbs “sapere” and “dovere”, some interrogatives and how to ask and say the time.

After that you will start learning a past tense, the Passato Prossimo, and talk about your last holiday.

A great programme, isn’t it?

You will learn new things and your Italian will improve a lot!

See you in January!