Choosing an Italian Crash Course in London is a great idea!

Our Italian Crash Course in London is a very popular course among those who want to start learning Italian.

The main reason why students choose it is that it takes place over a weekend.

This means that it does not affect your weekly schedule.

You just have to commit to your Italian course for 4 hours on Saturday and 4 hours on Sunday from 10am to 2 pm.

So after your course you still have plenty of time to enjoy your weekend!

How is the Italian Crash Course structured?

Our Crash Course covers all the Total Beginner contents.

Basically it is a very intensive version of the regular course, so by the end of your weekend you will have studied exactly the same grammar and vocabulary.

Also, you will have practiced the same everyday communicative situations.

What topics will you learn?

Starting from alphabet, numbers and greetings, you will smoothly move to Regular and Irregular Verbs, Indefinite and Definite articles, nouns and gender.

You will learn how to introduce yourself, saying your name, age, nationality and personal information such as telephone number and email address.

At the end of the course you will also be able to distinguish when to use the Formal or the Informal language.

Then you will practice how to book a room in a hotel and how to manage a conversation in a bar.

Last but not least, you will go through professions and work places and practice conversations about your job.

Games and fun activities will make you speak Italian from the first hour: it will be fun!

After the Crash Course you will be ready to start the next level.

Our online resources and video tutorials will help you a lot, check them out!

It’s time to book your place for an Italian Crash Course in London at Happy Languages!