Have you already shopped at the Italian deli Bellavita?

The Italian deli Bellavita is a lovely shop closed to Tower Hill where you can find a great variety of Italian products to buy, carefully selected from the best Italian producers. At Bellavita they pay a lot of attention to the freshness of the food and drinks they sell: all artisanal products made by small, high quality manufacturers.

If you browse through the shelves you can find amazing pasta, sauces, chocolates, olive oil…everything you need for a great Italian recipe! On top of that, you will enjoy a wide choice of cheese, cured meat, wine and even fruit and vegetables!

And that’s not all!

At Bellavita is also possible to enjoy some lovely Italian food in their nice lounge: a great way to taste their products and spend some time in a quiet, cosy place. On top of that, they organise cooking classes and events you can join!

our deal with the Italian deli bellavita

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How can you get this discount? If you go to the shop just show your member card or, if you prefer shopping online, contact us in advance to get your promo code!

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