The best Italian destinations in September will surprise you!

If you are wondering about the best Italian destinations in September, you will be happy to know that there are a lot of amazing places to visit.

In September the weather is still lovely and the temperatures are milder than the previous couple of months.

So it is the perfect month to travel around the country without the crazy summer heat and enjoy it fully!

You can take part in some amazing traditional festivals, unique events you will never forget.

And September is also the perfect month to travel to Italy if you are a food and wine lover!

Let’s go through the best destinations to head to!

Toscana. September is definitely the nicest month to visit Toscana and discover its authenticity.

After the summer crowds, in September you can enjoy a number of food festivals dedicated to seasonal products such as funghi porcini (porcini mushrooms) and castagne (chestnuts).

And, above all, you can take part in the Chianti Classico Wine Festival, where you can taste 8 wines choosing from different stands.

Napoli. On the 19th September, Naples celebrates its patron saint, San Gennaro, with a unique ritual between religiosity and superstition.

In the Duomo the two ampules filled with the saint’s blood are showed to the crowd, waiting for the blood to liquefy.

If it does, that is a good omen for the city.

Asti. This beautiful little city in Piemonte hosts the Douja d’Or, international exhibitions of wines, from the 2dn to the 3rd weekend of September.

Apart from the celebration if wine, the uncontested protagonist, you can take part in cultural, artistic and gastronomic events.

Lecce. In September Puglia is really enjoyable: perfect weather and a lovely autumn flavour in the air.

In Carpignano Salentino, close to the gorgeous Lecce, on the 30th August and 1st September you can experience a local wine festival, Festa te lu Mieru.

Amazing shows, folk music, traditional delicacies and, obviously, great wine to enjoy!

Alternatively, have a look at this fantastic festival!

So which destination do you like the most?