During the course you will learn how to talk about your family, express possession and talk about weddings and wedding presents. You will then talk about clothing, learn how to describe it and say your opinion and preference. On top of that, you will ask and give advice and make comparisons between things.

Then you will talk about memories, past habits and past situations.


Possessives and relative superlative will be the first grammar topics you will learn. Then you will face the Passato Prossimo of reflexive verbs, the verb piacere and the use of indirect pronouns.

Also, you will study the Informal Imperative to give advice, suggestions and instructions. Another important topic will be the Imperfetto, a past tense that you will practise in different communicative situations.


Your focus will be family, wedding presents, colours, clothing and accessories, fabric patterns and materials. Then you will learn animals and pets and end with holidays and childhood vocabulary, besides some time expressions.