What have our students done during their Italian evening courses?

Our Italian evening courses are taking place on Zoom: it’s been the 12th week online!

Students are very happy about their new experience and appreciate all the resources and functions they can use.

Having lesson from their sofa, after work, became part of their new lockdown routine.

And they really enjoy a chat with teachers and classmates before starting their lesson!

Our spring term courses are coming to an end, so last week students were very busy learning and revising interesting topics.

Let’s see how their lessons went!

Our Beginner 1 students learnt how to order in a restaurant and expressed their preferences about food.

They even did a very funny role-play to practise!

The Beginner 2 group was focused on asking and giving directions in a city.

They learnt some useful expressions to say where things, such as “di fronte“, “accanto“, “all’angolo” and many more!

In the Beginner 3 session, students practised Reflexive verbs and talked about family habits in Italy and in their countries.

Our Elementary 1 students discovered a new past tense, the Imperfetto.

They started using it talking about their childhood and what they used to do.

And the Elementary 3 class studied another new tense, the Congiuntivo Presente!

They used it to express opinions and after some impersonal expressions, such as “è importante che“.

Our Intermediate 2 lesson was really interesting: students talked about soft skills at work and their dream company!

Also, they discussed about when they had to put in place a specific skill.

Last but not least, our Advanced 3 group learnt the use of Imperative in the Indirect Speech.

Then they talked about some useful advice their teachers gave them in the past and how they think they will improve their language skills.

All amazing lessons!

And now, ready for the last lesson of the term?