In love with Italian fashion?

Italy is probably the most fashion-obsessed country in all Europe, if not even all around the world and the Italian fashion is incredibly popular.

Everybody is very focused on clothes, shoes and accessories. They must be the right ones according to different occasions, places and even moods.

If Eve were Italian, surely it would have taken her quite a lot of time to choose the right fig leaf! Jokes aside, when it comes to Italian fashion, at least you’ve got one certainty: no matter your disposition, mood and personality, you will find the right clothes for you! Don’t you believe it?

Let’s have a look at the list below and find the right stylist for you!

COOL CHIC: your idea of elegance is one that doesn’t look for special effects but stays sober and refined. Armani is the stylist you’re looking for, with his polish clothes cuts and his cold colours. He will always make you feel super chic, dressed in greige, the very new color he has created.

FLASHY BAROQUE: if your personality just screams for flashy colours and space-age clothes cuts, Versace is surely the stylist for you! With a constant experiment between fantasy, excess and sensuality, Donatella will make a very sexy and feminine scandal of you.

CLASSIC ELEGANCE: are you looking for sparks of glamour in your everyday life? Then you have to ask Valentino to use some of his “red” magic, a weapon to charm and emphasize your natural beauty and sensuality. You can be sure you’ll be noticed and admired!

MEDITERRANEAN SOULS: a strong woman, charming and self-confident, who does not forget traditions but won’t be tangled up in strict rules, will choose Dolce&Gabbana as her favourite stylists. Who else could mix up sexy guêpières, lace and male suits and still create a very feminine style? Always adding a touch of Mediterranean culture…

WILD CITY ANIMALS: do you feel like the city is the new jungle? And that you have to turn into a wild animal to face its everyday challenges? No worries, Cavalli will provide his famous printed fabrics and you’ll be a tiger, a zebra, a cheetah or a snake according to the specific necessity!

COLOURFUL SMOOTH PEOPLE: you feel bold and original, you want to feel free but gracious and light in your movements, then Pucci is the right choice. His un-crumpling silky dresses and frenetic chasing of curved colourful lines will make you feel like you’re dressed by the wind.

ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN LOVERS: if you think shirts are basically perfect for every occasion and you look for spontaneity and features in your clothes, the best you can do is trusting an architect! Ferrè believes clothes must answer to criteria of quality, comfort, efficiency. They have to last in time and be solid, creative and functional as a designed building.

ZIG-ZAG PERSONALITIES: people who hate straight patterns in their life will be simply fascinated by Missoni label trend, with its very particular mélange knits, or quilted and boiled knits, all in a warm kaleidoscope of colour and pattern. For true artists!

EXPLOSIVE CHIC: have you always dreamt of psychedelic tracksuits and fake furs that look like gigantic stuffed animals? So you are a Moschino addicted and maybe you didn’t even know it! Its style is explosive, ironic, eccentric and remember: clothes are just toys to play with!  

If you want to read more about Italy and its culture, follow this link!

Susanna Fiale