Learning some Italian food words is really useful!

If you have started learning the language and are planning a lovely holiday in Italy, adding some Italian food words to your vocabulary will make you able to order at restaurants without problems. This simple activity will give you the chance to improve your language and interact with locals, which is very motivating!

So let’s start with some useful food words!

Antipasto –> Starter

Primo –> First course

Secondo –> Second course

Contorno –> Side

Dolce –> Dessert

Riso –> Rice

Zuppa –> Soup

Carne –> Meat

Pesce –> Fish

Formaggio –> Cheese

Verdura –> Vegetable

Frutta –> Fruit

It’s useful to know that a “primo” is normally pasta, rice or a soup, whilst a “secondo” is meat or fish. The “contorno” includes vegetables and salads.

learn some Italian food words

And now some useful expressions!

Avete un tavolo per quattro, per favore? –> Do you have a table for four please?

Dov’è il bagno? –> Where is the toilet?

Avete dei piatti vegetariani? –> Do you have vegetarian dishes?

Cosa mi consiglia? –> What do you recommend?

Posso avere il menù, per favore? –> Can I have the menu please?

Per primo prendo il risotto ai funghi, per secondo la bistecca. –> As a first course I take the mushroom risotto, as a second course the steak.

Posso avere un altro bicchiere di vino? –> Can I have another glass of wine?

Per me un caffè e un amaro, per favore –> For me a coffee and a digestive please.

Mi porta il conto, per favore? –> Can I have the bill please?

Posso pagare con la carta? –> Can I pay by card?

All these expressions are very useful: if you use them you can easily order and speak in Italian just modifying some words. It will be nice to try and see how you feel!

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