There are a lot of Italian funny phrases you will love!

If you are learning Italian and want to discover ways to say that natives use, you will enjoy some Italian funny phrases that sound very hilarious when translated and give you an insight in some aspects of the Italian culture. Most of the time, these phrases don’t have an equivalent in English, so you might find a totally different way to express the same idea.

This is because cultures are so intertwined with languages that they affect many ways to say and shape them depending on what they refer to and where they were born.

So let’s see some funny phrases to learn!

1 In bocca a lupo

The literal translation is “in the mouth of the wolf” and it’s one of the most popular expressions you can come across: Italians use it a lot to wish good luck, however it’s not easy to understand!

2 Avere le mani di pasta frolla

Literally it means “to have shortcrust pastry hands” and refers to someone who regularly drops things, so a butterfingers!

3 Essere ubriaco come una scimmia

Another very common expression that you can hear many times! If we translate it, we have “to be drunk like a monkey”…which basically means to be wasted!

some lovely Italian funny phrases

4 Arrampicarsi sugli specchi

The English idiom “to clutch at straws” in Italian is, literally, “to climb on mirrors”: very appropriate to give the idea of someone who is trying to do something even though is very unlikely to succeed!

5 Sputare il rospo

This is a super funny expression, have you ever heard it? In Italian people say “to spit out the frog” especially to encourage people to say something that they are keeping for themselves.

Which one is your favourite? All very funny, aren’t they?

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