How much do you love Italian Idioms?

We do love Italian idioms, a lot.

It is always nice to find out the cultural background they come from!

At first it might be very complicated to understand their meaning as most of the time translating them word by word doesn’t help.

However, once you get the meaning, you discover a world and you can’t live without them anymore.

For example, have you ever come across the Italian idiom “Cogliere con le mani nel sacco”?

Literally it means “to catch someone with hands in the bag” and makes you understand that it is related to catching someone who is doing something secretely or stealing something.

In English we would use “to catch someone red-handed” or “with hands in the cookie jar”.

Let’s see some examples!

Italian English
Il ladro è stato colto con le mani nel sacco durante la rapina. The thief was caught red-handed during the robbery.
Stavo mangiando un gelato di nascosto ma mia madre mi ha colto con le mani nel sacco. I was eating an ice cream secretely but my mother caught me red-handed.
Il ragazzo è stato colto con le mani nel sacco mentre cercava di rubare uno smartphone. The guy was caught red-handed while he was trying to steal a smartphone.


A very useful expression, isn’t it?

Why don’t you try making some more examples? It will be fun!

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