Have you just come across “Non ci piove“, one of the most common Italian idioms?

It is a very nice expression and I reckon you heard it at least once!

The literal meaning of this idiom is “it doesn’t rain on it“, which is as to say “no doubts about it“: so we can use this expression when we are extremely confident about what we are saying and we have no doubts about that.

Also, it can be a way to cut short a conversation when we don’t think it is useful to take it further: our conclusion is the only one that makes sense!

Have a look at these nice examples!

Italian English
Roma è la città più bella del mondo, non ci piove! Rome is the most beautiful city in the world, there is no doubt about it!
Massimo ha sbagliato, su questo non ci piove! Massimo made a mistake, no doubts about it!
Questa è la pizza più buona che abbia mai mangiato, non ci piove! This is the best pizza I have ever had, there’s no doubt about that!


Do you know a similar idiom in your language?