Learning italian with music is fun! And what about music written by ladies?

How many Italian female singers do you know? You are surely thinking about Laura Pausini, Raffaella Carrà or Mina… These are the popular ones! There are a lot of Italian Indie Female Singers who maybe you don’t know but deserve to be listened to. Most of them are unknow to Italians too, but here we have chosen our top 5. Enjoy!

  1. Levante

Levante is Claudia Lagona’s nickname, born in 1987 in Caltagirone, Sicily, but living in Turin since her childhood. She sings and plays the guitar, and apart from music, she is a real fashion icon: she creates the dresses that she wears on stage!

  1. Maria Antonietta

Behind Maria Antonietta there is Letizia Cesarini, a very talented Italian singer who started her carrier at age of 18. She has an unique voice; her songs talk about the courage of being a woman and her style is funky. She writes English and Italian lyrics.

  1. Elli De Mon

Elli De Mon is Elisa De Munari, a musician and folk singer who managed to create her own unique music style. She plays the guitar and the sitar, and her style recalls the dark atmosphere created by PJ. Harvey.

  1. Rachele Bastreghi

Rachele is well-known for being the singer of the band Baustelle but she has recently released her first solo album, Marie. Her voice is dramatic and cupe, the lyrics are intense and profound: her music is pure emotion from the very first note till the last one.

  1. Sara Loreni

Sara Loreni is the less known singer in this list, but absolutely not the less fine. Sara’s style is indie, largely influenced by electronic; in fact she uses a loop-station to compose her songs. She took part in the Italian X-Factor casting, but later she pulled back from the contest – because she wanted her music to be played on a stage and not on television.

Rita Fabbri