Be creative!

Being creative also means proposing different options for the language learning to facilitate the different learning styles of the students and trying to keep a high level of motivation.

To be creative we need to be conscious of what is around us, being curious, and in the Web 2.0 era we can’t sit by the enormous potentiality that technologies offer in education. We have become serial users of social networks that offer a wide space to interact and share ideas and experiences so, why don’t take advantage of this to analyse the different teaching aspects and moving them from a formal to an informal level?

Adopting education technologies to incentivise education means offering stimulate and funny activities to students that can also represent a challenge for themselves and for the teacher as well, who needs to give himself a challenge using new tools to give the classic teaching style an additional support.

In my activity we will see how to propose and adapt the use of the education technologies to develop the collaborative learning and solve those negative processes that can affect the affective filter such as a negative self-perception related to the language learning (“The italian is not for me”) or in a competitive relation within the group.

Starting from a concrete example developed in one of the classes of Happy Languages, we will work together and consider the importance of creating a continuum between the space in the class (off-line) and the virtual space (on-line) giving particular attention to those values of the communicative approach such as motivation, collaboration and student’s needs to create a sort of “learning community”.

Well, do you accept the challenge?

Michele Vergolani