Italian Language Beginner Course level 1 will teach you the basics of grammar and communication in Italian.

The course content consists of three sections as shown below and offers a good introduction to the Italian language. You will learn the basics of communication, using correct grammar and start to build up your vocabulary.


During this course you will learn how to manage vey basic situations, such as greeting someone, introduce yourself, ask and give some personal information. Besides, you will learn how to order in a bar or in a restaurant and ask the bill. On top of that, you will practise how to make a booking over the phone.


You will study basic Italian grammar topics, starting with personal pronouns, present tense of regular and some essential irregular verbs, definite and indefinite articles. You will work on the singular and plural forms of masculine and feminine nouns and on the combination with the correct articles and study the verbs volere and preferire, essential to express your preference when ordering at the bar or restaurant.


You will go through useful vocabulary about greetings, nationalities and numbers first. Then you will learn words about jobs and job places, useful to talk about yourself.

You will move to food and drinks, adding some basic vocabulary to be able to understand a menu and order, as well as some tableware, useful to be able to ask for what you need at the restaurant.