Italian Language Beginner Course level 1 will teach you the basics of grammar and communication in Italian.

The course content consists of three sections as shown below and offers a good introduction to the Italian language. You will learn the basics of communication, using correct grammar and start to build up your vocabulary.



  • greet
  • introduce yourself
  • ask the name
  • ask where people are from and answer
  • ask telephone number and address and answer
  • introduce someone else
  • ask the age and answer
  • order in a bar or restaurant
  • ask the bill
  • book over the phone


  • personal pronouns
  • present tense of essere, avere, chiamarsi
  • present tense of regular verbs
  • definite articles
  • undefinite articles
  • singular and plural nouns
  • verbs volere and preferire


  • greetings
  • nationalities
  • numbers 0-100
  • jobs
  • job places
  • food
  • drinks
  • Italian dishes
  • tableware