How is your Italian language class going?

At Happy Languages every Italian language class is now online!

We moved all the classes to the online platform Zoom before the lockdown due to the Covid-19 started to protect our students and teachers.

And we just went through our 10th week online!

It feels like a long time and we are really happy about how it’s going!

Curious to know what our students did in the last week?

In the Beginner 1 course, they worked on numbers with different activities.

Our Beginner 2 students learnt how to describe the main things of interest in a city paying specific attention to the agreement between adjective and noun.

It was a very challenging lesson!

The Beginner 3 group talked about family and learnt possessives.

They also interviewed each other about members of their families and found out many interesting things!

In our Elementary 1 course, students learnt how to make comparisons between different things.

Then they expressed their opinion comparing clothes.

The Elementary 3 lesson was focused on love!

Our students talked about how they met someone special and what they find annoying at the first date.

In our Intermediate 2 class we talked about very famous food markets in Italy and compared them with similar markets around the world.

Students were really prepared about this topic as they love food markets!

Our Advanced 3 group found out many new Italian words and expressions, and tried to think of neologisms in their own language.

It was really fun!

All our students talked a lot about different nice topics and put into practice all the grammar and vocabulary the have been learning so far.

As they are working from home they have more time to study and do their homework, so their progress is really great!

If they need extra help, teachers are always happy to support them or suggest some specific online resources to use.

And now, we can’t wait for our next lessons!