At Happy Languages online Italian language classes keep going!

Our Italian language classes have taken place on Zoom for the 6th week due to the coronavirus emergency.

After some time, we are really appreciating the great online tools that we have and our students are enjoying courses a lot!

Our classes are as interactive and challenging as usual.

Students progress smoothly through a lot of practice and regularly share their knowledge with classmates and teachers.

It’s really fabulous!

What did they learn in the last week?

Let’s see what our Italian students did and what they studied!

Our Beginner 1 class learnt how to start a conversation and ask how things are going in a formal and informal situation.

In the Beginner 2 course, students went through new vocabulary and grammar in order to be able to book a room in a hotel.

The Beginner 3 lesson was focused on food habits in Italy and on the impersonal form to describe what people normally do.

Our Elementary 1 students faced Reflexive verbs and practised with lovely activities.

The Elementary 3 class started learning the future tense and making plans for the future!

In the Intermediate 2 course we talked about fake news and information.

And the Advanced 3 course enjoyed a popular Italian song and revised the if clauses of first and second type.

So much going on!

Our students worked together, talked and found out new grammar rules and vocabulary.

Learning Italian online is a fantastic way to spend your free time while at home!

And between lessons, on top of homework to do, don’t forget to have a look at our online resources and video tutorials to learn more!