Are you attending an Italian language course to get ready to the CILS B1 Cittadinanza exam?

If you want to apply for the Italian citizenship after your Italian language course, you must take the CILS B1 Cittadinanza exam or an equivalent exam.

This is a specific exam required in order to get the citizenship.

Initially it is very important to get familiar with the exam and know what to expect from every single part.

Let’s focus on the Reading and Use of Italian section!

This part lasts 40 minutes and includes 2 tasks.

In the first one, candidates have to read a text and choose 6 informations that are said in the text among 12.

In the second one, candidates have to read a text and fill the 6 gaps choosing the correct options.

For each item, three options are given.

You can have a look at an exam sample following this link.

What is the best way to study towards this section?

Once you reach the B1 level of competence in Italian, training for the exam is essential.

In order to succeed in this exam section, the first step is improving your reading comprehension.

In the first activity, this can be achieved reading as much as possible texts at the right level and focusing on specific information through a number of comprehension activities.

The second task goes beyond just comprehension.

In fact, candidates have to show their knowledge of grammar and of the use of Italian words in a specific context.

So a good understanding of grammar is required.

Consider that 40 minutes are quite a good time to complete the section and copy the answers in the answers sheet provided without rushing.

How does it seem? Ready to start your preparation?

If you want to go through some useful advice have a look at this nice article!


If you need to study towards the exam and you are not a Total Beginner, you should check your level with us and join the most appropriate course.