How is your Italian language course going?

If you have reached the Intermediate level (B1 according to the Common European Framewok of Reference for languages) you should carefully choose your next Italian language course.

Having studied around 105 hours, our Intermediate 2 course is what we would recommend.

In terms of topics studied, at this stage you should feel quite confident using Present Tense, Passato Prossimo, Imperfetto, Trapassato Prossimo, Simple Future, Present Conditional and Present Subjunctive.

In addition, you should have learned Direct, Indirect, Combined, Interrogative and Relative Pronouns.

You can even refresh your Italian using our fantastic resources before starting the new course!

So are you ready to move on?

The Intermediate 2 course will be very motivating.

Starting from a consolidation of your previous knowledge, you will expand it facing new communicative situations.

You will talk about many interesting topics, such as music, fashion, important brands, current affairs, historical characters.

You will study the Congiuntivo Imperfetto and Passato and work on the difference between them and the Congiuntivo Presente.

Expressing opinions referred to the present and the past will help you become confident with them and use them correctly.

In addition, you will learn how to express a consequence with specific expressions.

Then you will move to the If clauses: the two types you will study are those commonly called “zero” and “one”, expressing reality and possibility.

Another important step will be learning how to report a direct speech changing all the necessary parts of the sentence.

The uses of the Past Infinitive and Present Participle will complete your path through this challenging course.

Why don’t you think of taking an international Italian language certification after the course?

Being CILS Centre, we would be able to help you get ready for the exam.

CILS is the international certification to attest your level of Italian as a foreign language released by the University for Foreigners of Siena.

Have a look at what to expect here!

Your Italian language course at Happy Languages will be a whole new world!