Our Italian language courses are back!

After the Easter break, all our Italian language courses restarted from the 20th April.

So even during the lockdown it’s possible to learn Italian and have fun together!

All the courses take place on the online platform Zoom, which is really enjoyable.

We moved all our courses to Zoom at the beginning of the lockdown during the last term, so this has been our fourth week online!

We believe that keeping our schedule as normal as possible really helps moving on, despite the difficult times.

After work, having your Italian class is really good!

So how did the first week go?

The first week is over and it was really amazing!

Old and new students got together for their classes and revised some contents from the previous course through some fun activities.

But let’s see what they did in more details!

Our Beginner 1 students started from the basics: greetings and alphabeth were the focus of their first class.

In the Beginner 2 class they talked about hobbies and went through all the regular conjugations.

The Beginner 3 group worked on food vocabulary and learnt how to express quantities in a supermarket.

Our Elementary 1 course started talking about family and learnt a lot of new words!

Then our Elementary 3 course  studied the Formal Imperative and practised giving advice about health.

The Intermediate 2 students read a nice article about paranormal phenomenons and focused on a specific use of the Present Conditional.

And, last but not least, our Advanced 3 students talked about opera!

All amazing contents to start grandly!

How will students get ready for the second week?

As usual, they got some homework to do in order to put into practice new topics and vocabulary.

Also, they can access our lovely online resources at any time or watch some nice video tutorials on our Youtube channel.

A lovely way to keep busy and learn a Italian!