Taking an Italian language lesson online is a great option to enjoy it from home!

In this period, due to the Covid-19 emergency, you might prefer an online Italian language lesson that you can take from the place which is most convenient for you.

After work, having fun with your Italian class is so good!

We are delivering lessons through Zoom since March and we just completed our 23rd week online.

It’s been a long time and we are very enthusiastic about how it’s going!

If you are wondering why we decided to keep our courses online for our autumn term, read this article.

And now let’s see what our students did during their last lesson!

In our Beginner 1 class they practiced how to introduce themselves but also how to introduce a friend. Well done!

The Beginner 3 class was a good practice of the Passato Prossimo and, after that, our group learnt how to talk about the weather. Great!

Our Elementary 1 students studied all the vocabulary and expressions to go shopping in Italian, talking about their tastes. They are ready for the best Italian shops now!

In the Elementary 2 lesson, the focus was how to invite someone, accept or refuse: a lot of useful expressions and ways to interact, really nice!

The difference between Direct and Indirect Speech was the core of our Intermediate 2 class: students worked on the transformation of the Indirect in Direct Speech, paying attention on all the changes to do. Fantastic!

The Advanced 4 lesson was about foreign words used in Italian, especially about some linteresting inguistics trends. Amazing!

Our students are improving so quickly!

Between their classes they always have homework and online resources to access at any time!