Italian language movies are a great challenge for every student!

If you are learning Italian, watching Italian language movies is a very enjoyable way to improve your skills and motivate yourself! Obviously it’s quite a complex activity: the speed is not controlled and the language might be influenced by local dialects, which makes everything even more difficult.

Anyway, no worries: subtitles in English or Italian (depending on your level) will help you follow the dialogues and interpret some regional expressions that you might hear!

Let’s discover our top 10 Italian movies to watch!

1 Cinema Paradiso.

Salvatore is an important film director and lives in Rome. When he knows that his mentor Alfredo has died, he starts thinking back to the beginning of their friendship: the films recalls moments of his youth spent in a small Sicilian village, where Alfredo ran a small cinema and taught Salvatore how to use the projector. When Salvatore goes back to Sicily to take part in the funeral, he feels the importance of that friendship and how much it had meant for him.

2 Il postino

The poetic story of a postman who meets the poet Pablo Neruda in the small village where he is spending his exile, in Southern Italy. Neruda helps him let his feelings out and declare his love to a girl.

3 La vita è bella.

La vita è bella” is a classic movie you can’t miss: a modern tale about the horror of a Nazi concentration camp during World War II. The protagonist, played by Roberto Benigni, is a Jewish bookshop owner who ends up in a concentration camp with his son and tries to protect him making him believe that everything is a game.

4 I cento passi

The true story of Peppino Impastato, Sicilian activist who fought the Mafia and was killed in 1978. Through this young man and his courage, the movie shows the dynamics behind the facade and explains how much criminality affected people’s life.

5 La grande bellezza.

The film turns around Jep Gambardella, journalist and writer, who is surrounded by the decadent beauty of Rome, where he and his friends experience the sourness of their midlife crisis and the melancholy of too many regrets.

Top 10 Italian language movies to watch

6 L’arminuta

Inspired by the novel written by Donatella di Pietrantonio, L’Arminuta is the story of a girl who comes back to her family after years spent with the adoptive one.

7 Perfetti sconosciuti

Some friends meet around a table for dinner and play a game that will have huge consequences on their friendship…an original film played by amazing Italian actors!

8 La pazza gioia

Two women who live in a centre for mental health diseases decide to run away and start an adventurous journey that will change their lives. It’s been awarded with 5 David di Donatello, important Italian prize.

9 Mine vaganti

Directed by Ferzan Ozpetek, it’s the story of Tommaso, who goes back to Puglia to talk with his family about his personal choices, ready to face the consequences. However, something unexpected happens and Tommaso has to change his plans and stay in Puglia to help his brother Antonio manage the family’s company.

10 Dogman

This is the real story of Er Canaro, a mild tempered man who has a dog grooming shop and sometimes helps Simoncino commit small crimes. Simoncino is a former boxer, a very violent criminal who frightens him and and the whole neighborhood. When he takes him to the breaking point, Er Canaro decides to sort the situation out… Read more about Dogman!

Which one do you want to watch first?

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