Are you improving your Italian learning online?

Working on your Italian learning online is perfect during the lockdown: as soon as you have some free time at home you can easily access a number of great resources and learn something new.

For example, you can grow your vocabulary: reading something or watching videos is a great way to pick up some new words to discover and use straight away.

Sometimes is also good to focus on a specific word and work on it a little bit: finding out its origin and how it is commonly used in the language is always very interesting!

Even a single word per week is a huge improvement! The goal is not only reading its meaning and understanding its use, but using it as much as possible speaking Italian.

It’s a real challenge, but in a short period of time you will learn many new words.

Our word of the week is a useful one!

“Antipatico” means “unpleasant” and you can use it for people or situations that you don’t like.

This Italian word comes from Greek:  ἀντιπάϑεια (antipátheia) means “aversion, dislike” and is made by ἀντί (anti), which means “against” and  πάϑος (pàthos), which is “passion”.

In these examples you will understand how to use it!

Italian English
Il nuovo fidanzato di mia sorella è veramente antipatico. My sister’s new boyfriend is really unpleasant.
Parlare senza guardare le persone negli occhi è un comportamento davvero antipatico. Speaking without looking in the eyes is a really unpleasant behaviour.
Stasera non fare l’antipatico con i miei genitori! Tonight don’t be unpleasant with my parents!


Who or what do you find “antipatico”? It’s not difficult to make a little list and practise!

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