Are you starting your Italian learning experience?

Your Italian learning journey is about to start and it’s important to think about your New Year’s Resolution.

Learning a language is a fantastic choice, but we need to make it the most effective possible!

The first step to take is committing to regular classes: either group lessons or one-to-one tuitions are absolutely fine to progress gradually and improve your competence step by step.

However, taking one class per week is not enough to reach your goal. During the week you should find as many opportunities to practise as you can!

So how can boost your progress?

If you join a course, you should spend some time each day to revise topics previously learnt and challenge yourself doing homework. Your teacher will be happy to have a look and help you!

And you can watch our nice video tutorials on Youtube as well, great to refresh your knowledge and focus on pronunciation.

Never tried a language app? This is the right time to start!

Not sure about which app is best for you? Read this article about some of the top apps to use!

Italian learning

Another nice thing to do is watching videos on Youtube in Italian about your favourite topics: for example, if you like cooking you should follow some easy recipes explained in Italian!

On top of that, if you already have a good level of Italian you can enjoy some movies and TV series, with or without subtitles. Check this page for some suggestions!

Besides, you can read whatever you like: starting from fairy tales for children or adapted novels if you are a beginner, to fiction and newspapers if you have a good level of competence.

All these extra activities will really make the difference! Even only 10-15 minutes each day will help you build your routine and improve quickly.

Let’s start the New Year with the right foot!

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