Are you taking Italian lessons for Beginners in London?

At Happy Languages, Italian lessons for Beginners are just amazing!

All the materials chosen for Beginner students are carefully selected to help them learn quickly and motivate them.

We believe that choosing the right textbook is essential: taking into account the students’ age, interests, personal motivation is important to offer enjoyable lessons.

This is why one of the books we use for the Beginner level is Domani 1.

Why is it so good?

First of all, it is an engaging textbook which offers useful and interesting topics to go through.

For instance it is split in modules, each one about a specific topic like Geography, Arts and Society.

This book aims to develop the students’ communicative skills in many fun ways.

It includes creative activities and games to let students immerse themselves in the language and practise in real situations.

Domani 1 is definitely challenging for Total Beginners: students need to make an initial effort but are constantly rewarded as they move on.

Once you pick its method and get used to it, you will love it!

What will you learn?

You will start with the basics and learn how to introduce yourself and ask information to someone.

Then you will learn how to book a room in a hotel, ask the time, talk about your job, order at the bar.

Going further, you will describe your typical day and habits, talk about your family, learn how to ask and give directions, give instructions and advice.

Also, you will talk about your spare time, express your preferences, describe a past event.

At the end of each module you can focus on phonetics and improve your pronunciation.

In addition, the book contains an intriguing story in comics which unrolls as you go on studying.

So when you finish a module, you find a lovely episode to read.

Amazing, isn’t it?