Do you know Italian numbers from 20 to 100?

Italian numbers are not difficult to learn.

At Happy Languages, we normally study them at Beginner level as numbers are a basic topics that you will need to give and ask important information.

For example, you will use numbers to say your age and also to give your telephone number.

Let’s watch this video tutorial to learn them!

20  venti

30  trenta

40  quaranta

50  cinquanta

60  sessanta

70  settanta

80  ottanta

90  novanta

100  cento

Let’s see numbers between 20 and 30!

21  ventuno

22  ventidue

23  ventitré

24  ventiquattro

25  venticinque

26  ventisei

27  ventisette

28  ventotto

29  ventinove

30  trenta

For ventuno and ventotto we cut the vowel:

ventiuno –> ventuno

ventiotto –> ventotto

This happens with all the tens.

Therefore, we have, for example:

trentuno – trentotto

quarantuno – quarantotto

cinquantuno – cinquantotto

sessantuno – sessantotto etc.

You can now practice watching the tutorial many times and repeating after it!

This is a very good exercise to improve your pronunciation and feel more confident.

Also, you can practice with your telephone number!

And if you want to learn more about numbers, have a look at this useful grammar tip.

Then take this lovely quiz to test your knowledge!

After this practice we are pretty sure that you will have learnt numbers very well!