How was your first Italian online class of the summer term?

Our students just had the first Italian online class of the new term.

This first week was really exciting!

Since the start of the Covid-19 emergency we moved all our courses online in respect of the Government guidelines.

This summer we keep teaching online on Zoom, which is really appreciated by students!

Once you get used to it, you start realising all the advantages of this amazing platform.

So it’s been a while since the first courses and now the 14th week online just ended!

How did our Italian students do?

After a short break, our old students are now back on track and new students joined us to start a fantastic experience!

Beginner 2. After a revision of the main topics studied during the previous course, students faced the present tense of regular verbs and of the irregular andare.

Their practice consisted of talking about free time and leisure activities. Well done!

Beginner 3. The first class was focused on the Passato Prossimo: after the grammar rule, students put it into practice talking about a past holiday!

Elementary 1. A lot of clothing vocabulary and a thorough revision of the verb piacere were the core of this first lesson.

At the end, students expressed their opinions about some cloths and accessories and talked about their favourite style.

Intermediate 1. After talking a bit about their experience with learning Italian, students learnt a new past tense, the Trapassato prossimo.

They used it straight away with some lovely activities and they did really well!

Intermediate 3. The Passato Remoto was the grammar topic of the first lesson of this course and students read a short history of Italy. Great lesson!

And now we are all ready for another amazing week!