How can you make the most of your Italian online course?

If you are taking an Italian online course, you might want to add some extra learning on top of your regular classes, which is a great idea!

Spending more time at home is a fantastic opportunity to dedicate half an hour to your Italian each day, choosing what to do from a wide range of options.

Working on vocabulary is one of the most important things to focus on: even a single word per week makes a huge difference, especially if you actively put it into practice.

Our word of the week is “cantante“!

In this period of the year, with the most famous Italian music festival around the corner, this is quite an important word to learn.

In addition, Italians love music and are always happy to talk about it, so it’s a popular topic for a nice conversation with natives!

Cantante” means “singer” and comes from the verb “cantare” (to sing), from the Latin “canĕre“.

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Now let’s see some examples!

Italian English
Laura Pausini è una cantante italiana famosa in tutto il mondo. Laura Pausini is an Italian singer famous all over the world.
Da bambino volevo fare il cantante, ma poi ho cambiato idea. When I was a child I wanted to become a singer but then I changed my mind.
Sono curioso di scoprire quali cantanti partecipano quest’anno al Festival di Sanremo. I’m curious to find out which singers take part in the Festival di Sanremo this year.


So what’s your favourite singer? Is he/she famous in your country? Try to talk about that in Italian!

If you want to learn more, follow this link.

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