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Over the Christmas period, why don’t you make some time to learn New Year wishes to write on your cards? There are loads of lovely phrases to use with different people: going through them is a great chance to expand your vocabulary and discover new expressions.

Besides, it’s always nice to send wishes in Italian to your Italian friends or family members!

Let’s learn some ways to wish Happy New Year!

Buon Anno! –> Happy New Year!

Felice Anno Nuovo! –> Happy New Year!

Buona fine e buon inizio! –> Happy end and happy start!

Che il nuovo anno sia ricco di soddisfazione e belle sorprese! –> May the New Year be full of satisfaction and good surprises!

Anno nuovo, vita nuova! Auguri! –> New year, new life! Best wishes!

Che nel nuovo anno tutti i tuoi desideri possano realizzarsi. Ti auguro tutto il meglio! –> May all your dreams come true in the New Year. I wish you the best!

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Simple wishes to show your affection and your progress in learning Italian, that’s perfect! Either if you buy some nice cards or if you send them via Whatsapp, you will make someone happy!

And you can even download our card clicking on the button below.


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