Would you enjoy an Italian online lesson of conversation?

As summer approaches, we offer an Italian online lesson of pure conversation to help you practise your Italian from home. If you like learning Italian, this is a fantastic opportunity to speak the language and put into practice what you know!

How does it work?

This conversation class works exactly as a face-to-face lesson…but in a virtual classroom. It will be held on the online platform Zoom: a few minutes before the class starts, you will receive an invitation to join via email and you will just need to open the link to access Zoom. It’s really easy!

Conversation classes can be taken separately without any long term commitment, so you can join as many classes as you like. If you think you need more practice or you want to get ready for your next Italian holiday, these lessons are absolutely perfect and will help you get more fluent and confident.

What is the class about?

During your conversation class you will have the chance to talk with your classmates and teacher about lovely topics, that will be different every time. For each topic, you will take part in nice activities either in smaller groups and all together.

Wednesday 5.30pm-6.30pm. Choose your session:


This class is not suitable fro Beginner students.

You should have a minimum A2 level in Italian to take part in this class.

If you are not sure about your level, please contact us.