Italian people love football!

If you know Italian people, you also know how passionate they are about football: the majority of Italians support a team and enjoy meeting with family and friends to watch matches together, better if eating a good pizza! Also, a lot of people regularly go to the stadium as a sort of ritual during the weekend.

Football in Italy is definitely the national sport, the most popular among people of all ages: a lot of people play football as a hobby, children go to dedicated schools and take part in tournaments and most adults watch it on television.

lifeBut when did all start in Italy?

This sport arrived in Italy from the UK at the end of the 19th century: two teams contend the title of most ancient football society, Genoa (1893) and Torino (1887). In 1910 the national team had birth (the so called “Azzurri“, light blue color which was chosen as a symbol) and won the first world cup in 1934.

Since then, the Italian championship stopped only during World War I, whilst during World War II it was replaced by local tournaments. Recently, in 2020 it stopped during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Italian people and their passion for football


Italians are genuinely passionate about this sport and this year they are supporting Italy at the UEFA European Championship 2021: after the Covid-19 pandemic, they started going to the stadium again, travelling around Europe to make Azzurri feel their love. And, of course, they are meeting friends to watch a match, because football in Italy is also a social event, which gathers people together and reinforce group identity through the participation in sport events.

Is it the same in your country? Which one is the most important sport?