Have you ever read some good Italian press in London?

The Italian press in London includes nice and useful online newspapers to read through.

As you probably know, the Italian community in London is quite big, so there are a lot of people happy to read news in Italian not only about the UK but also about Italy.

These online newspapers are also a great resource for Italian students who constantly look for new ways to practise and improve their skills.

Italian press London

Let’s see where you can news in Italian!

Londra Italia. Since 2014, it includes different sections to keep readers up to date about a wide range of topics: current affairs, economy, culture, events and much more.

L’ItaloEuropeo. Born in 1997 with the aim of building a bridge between Italy and UK, this online magazine offers the latest news as well as different interesting sections to have a look at.

It is also linked to the popular London One Radio, which is the Italian radio in London.

La Notizia Londra. Available both online and in paper edition, this newspaper focuses on a number of expat issues, as well as on the latest news, events, culture.

The newspaper is mostly in Italian, but includes some articles in English.

Londradavivere. Another useful portal to connect Italians in London and help them in their everyday life.

On top of the classic sections with the latest news, this newspaper also includes nice interviews to Italians in London: a useful insight to real experiences, difficulties, dreams of expats.

LondraNews. Articles about the latest news, advice for Italians who live in the UK, job offers and a lot of useful details about London areas: this is how the newspaper is structured, in order to provide help and information.

If you enjoy reading the news in Italian, you have quite a good choice!

Which Italian newspaper do you like the most?


If you want to improve your reading skills in Italian, have a look at this article.

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