Looking for a new book for your Italian tuition?

In Alto! is a new textbook published by Ornimi Editions to use for your A1 Italian tuition.

Ornimi Editions is a Greek publishing house which boasts a high skilled staff, very specialised in teaching Italian as a foreign language.

Their aim is creating innovative and modern teaching materials for students and teachers.

Why choosing In Alto!

First of all, its approach is oriented to action: this means that it’s very motivating for adult students.

Going through a number of everyday situations, they can put into practice the grammar and vocabulary learnt with nice activities.

The book is structured on the story of three foreign students in Italy and their experience with native speakers.

It includes an introduction, 10 units, exercises with keys, auto evaluation tests and a CD audio that you can easily download from the website.

In addition, it offers online resources to practise more: for example, you can access some amazing video grammar on Vimeo to help you learn some grammar topics!

Let’s see the structure in more detail!

Every unit consists of complete and independent segments, linked in terms of topic and communicative purposes.

After each input and comprehension activities you can work on vocabulary, communication, grammar and culture in specific sections.

Students are encouraged to discover rules and uses inferring them from the text.

At the end of each unit you can find a mental map which summarises all the levels of the linguistic and communicative competence.

In addition, you have 5 tests to verify your progress throughout the course and identify the necessary actions to take in order to improve.

Besides, there are 4 auto evaluation tests to think about your learning journey in more depth.

A great textbook to build your confidence and reaching the A1 level in Italian!

Have a look at the specimen following this link.

Ready to start your A1 Italian tuition?

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