Are you enjoying your Italian Tuitions in London and want to study more?

Depending on the number of Italian tuitions in London attended and the contents you covered, you can easily understand which course would be best for you.

For example, if you completed around 75 hours hours you are ready for our Elementary 3 course.

If we refer to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for languages), this course brings the A2 level to an end and leads you towards the B1.

What are you supposed to know at this stage?

The main topics you should have studied are: Present Tense of Regular and Irregular Verbs, Passato Prossimo, Imperfetto, Direct and Indirect Pronouns, Present Conditional, Formal and Informal Imperative, Future Tense.

You should be able to talk about yourself and general topics such as houses, holidays, past events, past habits, health conditions.

At this level you should feel confident when expressing your opinion, doubts and possibilities and when making plans about the future.

How is the Evening Elementary 3 course structured?

The course lasts for 10 weeks, 1 hour and a half per week from 7 to 8.30pm.

This time is perfect if you work all day and want to have Italian tuitions in London after work.

In terms of topics, this course is wholly based on revision: as you studied quite a lot of complex topics, it is essential to consolidate your knowledge and pratise all of them.

You will revise previous contents put in a different context: a lot of amazing authentic materials will be your challenge and stimulate your interest.

Moreover, you will go through some useful idioms you probably heard many times: learning them and starting using them will be the next step!

And that is not all!

You will have fantastic resources to use throughout the course: for example, you can brush your Italian up watching some of our Italian video tutorials!

Learning Italian in London will be a fantastic experience, so don’t wait any longer, get ready to start!