Looking for some good Italian TV series?

If you want to watch Italian TV series, you can find something interesting on Netflix.

Watching movies and TV series in the original language is always challenging but a great way to improve your Italian!

If you believe that following the story and conversations is too difficult, choose subtitles in Italian or in your native language, depending on your level.

If you browse through the Netflix offer, you can find three lovely TV series to watch.

Let’s find out more!

Il processo is an intriguing story in 8 episodes that will keep you in suspence until the end.

The story starts with the finding of a 17 years old girl corpse and compels a young State Prosecutor to face her past.

Baby is inspired to a real story which took place in Roma some years ago.

The serie is built around the story of some young girls who attend a prestigious private secondary school.

Beyond appearances, these girls end up living an unexpected second life.

Nero a metà is another lovely serie set in Rome about the difficult relationship between inspector Guerrieri  and the vice-inspector Malik Soprani.

The second season is going to be released in September.

Italian TV Series

And this is not all!

In addition to this, on Netflix you can enjoy some Italian movies, such as Sulla mia pelle and Gli Infedeli.

Sulla mia pelle is a drama about the true story of Stefano Cucchi, a boy who died in jail after being beaten up by the police.

Gli infedeli is a comedy about infidelity, which is narrated through different funny and bitter stories.

So no excuses, you have really a great choice!

Which serie or movie are you going to watch first?


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