Italian Upper Intermediate 3 (15 hours of frontal lesson)


Reporting information and commenting statistics will be the start of your journey. After that, you will work on telling an historical fact, arguing about a specific point of view in an informal context, talking about your job. Then you will learn how to make a request and reply in a formal way,  express emotions depending on the situation, talk about yourself, describe someone and complain.


You will study verbs with prepositions, time adverbs, indirect speech, uses of Conditional. Then you will learn indirect interrogative clauses and the use of Congiuntivo in relative clauses. on top of that, the use of Congiuntivo with relative superlative and the uses of Gerundio. You will also study the Periodo ipotetico dell’irrealtà and the use of come se/senza che+Congiuntivo.


You will talk about mass media, social media, jobs, working from home, job market, acquiring confidence with a specific vocabulary. Then you will expand your vocabulary about emotions ad adjectives to describe personality.